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Acupuncture is known as an effective treatment in many health conditions. Some of them are successfully treated in a short period of time; chronic conditions need more attention. Acupuncture is painless, safe and has no side effects. It is suitable for most people. Most Dutch health insurances reimburse the costs of acupuncture. Soon I will be a member of Professional Acupuncture Association ZHONG therefore; you can claim your treatment money back from the insurance (this option will be available within two months, please follow my page for the latest update). You can visit ZHONG to find out if your insurance company covers the cost of acupuncture.
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I specialize in Thai massage and its variations. Thai massage is suitable for everyone regardless of age and/or condition. Every treatment is individually adjusted to one’s needs. In Thailand where I studied Thai Massage (Chang Mai School of Thai Massage, I received a diploma of Thai Massage and Teacher training and Thai Foot and Chair Massage, 2008) it is seen as a common treatment in many conditions; everyone can benefit from it: it is performed at schools, hospitals or elderly homes.
You will find more information here: Massage

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In Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) food is treated as medicine. The color, structure and even the way of growing the food matters. However, the most important factor in nutrition therapy is to look at the individual needs and health problems and choose matching food. The benefits of understanding our nutritional needs are life long lasting. Sometimes it is enough to have only few nutritional sessions and follow given advice to achieve required effect.
I invite you to view the page Nutrition and learn more about it.

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Massage: The wrong image of Thai massage as a very demanding, where always high stretching positions are applied does not make it as accessible as it should be. In fact high stretching positions are used only rarely and specifically for athletes or people with high range flexibility. I personally found Thai massage very beneficial in many different conditions for example; in muscle spasticity, after the stroke, paralysis, children hyperactivity, digestive or sleeping disorders and many others. I worked a lot with children using Thai Massage and the effects were very visible after the short period of time( especially spasticity and hyperactivity). My goal is to popularize Thai Massage as a great treatment accessible to everyone especially people with health problems not only highly stretched individuals.

Workshops: I invite you to follow my FB page where all my workshops and upcoming events are advertised. I run and organize workshops about massage or Chinese Medicine. The workshops are held in my studio or in the workplace (during conferences, auditions or festivals).You can also sign up to the newsletter to be able receive information about upcoming events.

In company: I offer chair massage in the comfort of your workplace. The biggest advantage of the seated massage is that is very accessible, can be received anywhere: in the office, outdoors or public. It is a great addition to conferences, meeting or just an ordinary day in your office. The benefits of it are countless: reduces stress, improves blood circulation and pains and aches very common for employees working in a seated position for many hours. Improves work performance and general health condition. That influences working relationships and atmosphere at work. You will find more information here: Massage. If you would like to book a treatment for your employees you can contact me directly, I will be happy to answer any questions.

Gift Voucher: For every treatment there is a gift voucher available for single or more treatments.
It is a great present of appreciation for a loved one, colleague or a parent. More info

Jolanta Skiba Therapist

I am licensed acupuncturist; I graduated at the Shenzhou Open University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) in Amsterdam in 2017 in the field of Acupuncture. I benefited from teachings of many accomplished doctors and professors and was fortunate to be able to study different diagnostic methods and treatments from them. After three years of intense study of acupuncture, I decided to deepen my knowledge in the field of Western Medicine to gain more understanding about various health conditions this time from the perspective of Western Medicine. I followed a one year of very intense study of Foundation of Western Medicine also at Shenzhou Open University obtaining my diploma in June 2018. Combaining the knowledge of TCM and Western Medicine allows me to perform my tasks as a therapist even better and with more understanding towards my patient’s conditions.
I constantly deepen my knowledge and take part in seminars regarding TCM as Western Medicine.

Jolanta Skiba Therapist