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Thai massage treatment

Thai massage is one of the ancient healing arts of traditional Thai medicine, along with herbal medicine and spiritual meditation.

A short history

To understand where Thai massage is today, we return to its origins — specifically, to the founder of Thai massage, Jivaka Kumar Bhaccha, a personal physician of the Buddha more than 2,500 years ago. Thai massage, in fact, developed within the environment of Buddhist temples, reflecting the spirit of metta (unconditional love and compassion) and vipassana (moment-to-moment awareness). As a practical application of these two forms of meditation, Thai massage emphasizes that, in its deepest essence, the massage is a meditative healing experience for both the recipient and the practitioner.

How is Thai massage done?

It is a full-body massage, performed on a floor mat, with both parties in loose, comfortable clothes. It incorporates t’ai chi like moves, rhythmic motion, palming and thumbing along energy lines (sen lines), gentle stretching and the conscious use of breath. The practitioner uses his/her hands, feet, arms and legs to guide the recipient into various yoga postures, while remaining focused on their own body-centre. This combination of movements and focused awareness creates a slow, flowing “dance” around the recipient’s body.

Thai Yoga Massage/full-body

It is a combination of yoga, acupressure and reflexology The massage is performed on a mat, with both parties in loose, comfortable clothes. It incorporates tai chi like movements, rhythmic motion, palming and thumbing along energy lines, stretching and conscious use of breath.
Therapeutic effects: tones internal organs, increases resistance to injury, improves range of motion, metabolism, lymphatic system and circulation, removes toxins, strengthens the immune system, relieves pain due to arthritis, back pain, stress and overworked muscles, helps with stress, depression, chronic migraine

Feet and legs massage/reflexology

Combination of acupressure and stretching, concentrated on the soles. By pressing particular point on a foot we can influence internal organs hence the feet massage has an amazing healing power. It’s very effective in various disorders such as: stress, back and chronic pain, diabetes, sleep disorder, migraine, and arthritis Massage is done with the use of organic oils.
Therapeutic effects: improves the blood circulation and removes the feeling of heaviness in the feet and legs, improves the immune system, tonify internal organs, brings deep feeling of relaxation, decreases stress level.

Massage for seniors/full-body

Variation of Thai massage focusing on conditions that arise with age: rheumatisms, muscular stiffness, muscle and bones aches problems in motor system, joint stiffness, pain.
Therapeutics effects: increases mobility and flexibility, improves blood circulation, moistens the joins, prevents cramps, boost the immune system, helps with chronic pain and stiffness.

Massage with organic essential oils, full -body

Very relaxing massage with the use of essential, organic oils: lavender, eucalyptus, jasmine, rosewood, sandalwood, lemon grass and sweet orange, bergamot and peppermint. Includes gentle stretching and acupressure to revitalize the body.
Therapeutic effect: deeply relaxes and tonify the whole body, softens and improves the color of the skin, releases the muscular tension and opens the joints.

Post-natal massage /full-body

A combination of acupressure and oil massage. Very beneficial after giving birth/relieves the strain from abdomen, hips and lower back. Massage can be applied after 40 days from natural birth and about 2 months from caesarean section, but it is advised to consult your doctor after a heavy caesarean.
Therapeutic effects: improves blood circulation and boosts lymphatic system, releases pain in neck and shoulders, deeply relaxes and releases emotional strain. Boosts immune system and speeds recovery, improves skin color and reduces cellulite.

Face, head & shoulders massage

Pressure points on the head, neck and shoulders are used that have a deeply relaxing effect. Helps with tension in the face (releases jaw tension, neck, shoulder area, relaxes deeply, helps with sleeping problems and anxiety.

Children massage

I use massage that is based on acupuncture points. Acupuncture is not recommended for infants until the age of 5 years. Sometimes moxa (burning herbs to facilitate healing) is used and quick needling, but mostly for emergency cases. Session takes about 20-30 minutes depending on age.
Recommended in various problems:headache, fever, hyperactivity, insomnia, sore throat, vomiting, asthma, bronchitis, cough, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach problems, indigestion, abdominal pain, constipation, bedwetting, stress and many others. I usually add dietary advice with massage to achieve better and faster result.

Chair Massage in the workplace

Even short massage can make a difference in productivity, work satisfaction and health of your employee. It is a great tool of promoting not only wellness but also improving interpersonal relationships in the workplace. Increases work performance, creative thinking, relieves fatigue and job- related stress. Massage has been shown to reduce blood pressure, reduce muscle aches and pains especially in sensitive areas of the neck, shoulders and back, and even increase immunity to colds and flu! Additionally massage can play a very important role in preventing and treating the pain and numbness linked with repetitive motions like typing, especially when your hands are lower than your wrist (known as carpal tunnel syndrome; often linked to excessive keyboard and mouse use) It is proven that chair massage improves health and well-being of employees significantly. More and more employers all over the world are offering chair massage in their workplace. The biggest advantage of the seated massage is that it is very accessible, can be received anywhere, in the workplace, outdoors in public.


Thai Yoga Massage


  • 60/ 90 minutes

Feet and legs massage


  • 30/60 minutes

Thai Yoga Massage


  • 60/ 90 minutes

Massage with organic
essential oils, full -body


  • 60 minutes

Feet and legs massage/


  • 30/60 minutes

Face, head &
shoulders massage


  • 60/90 minutes



  • 30 minutes

Chair Massage
in the workplace


  • 15/20 minutes